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101 Words to Encourage a Child

101 words to encourage your child

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101 Words to encourage your childGreat Job * Way to go * You are so creative * Your talents never cease * Terrific * Fantastic * You are very thoughtful * Thank you * At-a-boy/girl * I trust you * You are a joy * Stupendous * Marvelous * You are a beautiful person * That was gutsy * I'm so proud of you * You're a miracle * That was ambitious * Let's try again * Let's try it together * You are generous * You're the best * Great * You make me smile * You're a great artist * You are super * You're on your way * I appreciate your … * You are really growing * I am so happy for you * I like the way you handled that * Thank you for your honesty * You are not alone * Outstanding * Congratulations * You can do it * You have a terrific sense of humor * That took a lot of patience * You deserve it * I forgive you * You are courageous * You are independent * Give it a try * Awesome * God loves you * You are so bright * I'm sorry * Please join us * You're welcome * Let's go for it! * I see real improvement * You tried your best, I can tell * Wonderful! * I see you like to explore * You're Clever * You are my sunshine * You are perfect, just the way you are * I respect your privacy * Great idea * That was original * I love your imagination * You're a great athlete * I love how you sing * You are a good friend * It's ok to make mistakes * You are very observant * Great listening skills * You are strong and healthy * You're growing up * I have confidence in your judgement * Thanks for helping * Superstar * You're special * You're making progress * You've discovered the secret * That's incredible * You're unique * You've got a friend * You belong * Nothing can stop you now * You really tried * Now you're flying * Hurray for you * How did you do that * Looking good * You're doing it * Bingo * Well done * Bravo * I like your work * You're important * You're a winner * Exceptional performance * You learned it right * A big hug * A big kiss * I love you *

And remember a smile is worth a thousand words!

A Smile is worth 1000 words!

Use this list every day!

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words to encourage children

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