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(Great Stuff on the net for kids!)


Kids playingGreat Links for Kids of all ages! We've checked them out for you as safe sites for children.

Class Brain an educational
resource site for students, teachers, and parents. The site has specially designed resources for students from Pre-K and older. Teachers and parents will find extensive resources to explore in all areas of education. Two of ClassBrain's special sections are the State Report Section, which has a huge collection of primary research sources and special template, worksheets, and puzzles for students and teachers, and our Freedom Files, which cover the events of September 11th, 2001 and the impact those events have had on our
country. Come and explore!

Segwick Elementary School - terrific resource for parents and kids! This link was suggested by Mrs. Galvin's 2011 summer school class! thanks for submitting such a great resource gang!

NetSmartz.Org is a wonderful site that is created for kids, teens, parents and teachers to help keeps your kids safe on the internet. Play games and learn how to stay safe on the net with its interactive characters and tools.

The Toothfairy.Org The Original Tooth Fairy online, with dental hygiene tips, dental hygiene links and the going price of a baby tooth!

Kids.Gov a safe place online for kids to create, share and learn...Check it out!

I'm Safe A site that helps parents and children make smart choices. Teach your child about stranger safety and what to do if they get lost. Try some fun projects and spend time together!

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